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Thread: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

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    New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Cant wait!

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    Re: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    Quote Originally Posted by psaigh link=1213273553/0#0 date=1213273553

    Cant wait!
    I can ... & will Ian.

    Why adulterate coffee with liquor purely to engage/initiate a new market? Seems like the new partnering push from marketing departments in bev companies - combine booze with caffeine ... thatll get the young ones hooked, & hyped yet pissed enough to groove the club scene.

    Illys sales must be down last quarter, maybe ::)

    Doesnt Illy have faith in the credibility of their bean, that they have to turn to partnership with Campari to give it street cred?


    Tony (off the podium now)

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    Re: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    To be fair, I think that this venture diminishes their credibility less than their partnership with Coca Cola ;P

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    Re: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    I guess they figure the best way to drink their coffee is when youre P!ssed !

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    Re: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    Tia Maria and various other coffee liqueurs have been around for years so why all the angst with Illy? People have been making their own versions of Tia Maria for ages as well and I would be so brave as to suggest out of the 5000 or so CSers there would be some who also do this and if not, they *do enjoy a coffee liqueur.

    Why drink Contrieu when you can eat perfectly juicy and tasty oranges? Why drink Ameretto when you can chew on a few almonds? Why drink beer made with adulterated, beautiful golden barley grain when you could just make some barley water. etc etc etc? *:-/

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    Re: New coffee liquor from illy and campari

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Totally agree with your sentiments cremakid.

    The reality is that most coffee drinkers enjoy coffee with milk, in all its forms, add sugar, etc. *And couldnt we say that adding anything to a straight espresso is an adulteration?

    Maybe Im missing something, but I dont see why catering for a broad and popular range of tastes, "dimishes credibility" or cause for ridicule.

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