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Thread: Health and Coffee

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    Health and Coffee

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    I was making a call of nature today (dont worry, thats all the detail I will be supplying along that line) and attached to the door was some health info "Can I get addicted to caffeine" as attached below.

    It makes caffeine sound pretty heavy duty but I thought it a bit spurious, especially the last claim "The chronic user can then lose the ability to experience pleasure from the normal life experiences creating the dependency on caffeine". I guess the location where I discovered the article is approriate.

    It is produced by a company called Health By Design and cites several sources as references.


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    Re: Health and Coffee

    By inference, stopping caffeine intake will lead to the brain producing more dopamine in order to, once again, "maintain some kind of chemical balance".

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    Re: Health and Coffee

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    It seems to me that is an argument for keeping your caffeine levels constant, not for avoiding coffee.

    This website has lots of info re: coffee and health:


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