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Thread: 4 bar steam system

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    4 bar steam system

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    FInd this link from other forum.

    It said in the discription, "4 bar steam system makes espresso, cappuccino, and lattes quickly and easily". What is a 4 bar steam system? Isnt it the optimal pressure for espresso is 9 bar? Im confused.

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    Re: 4 bar steam system

    It means that when you select the steam option, the pump produces steam at up to 4 bar. which is more than enough

    9 bar is the optimal pump pressure for pouring the shot.

    On a related note, after purging my Piccolo (OK, no innuendo, cappiche?) I find if I wait until the steam pressure builds up to 4 bar (or more) Im going to get bubbles. What is the optimal steam pressure for milk texturing? From experience just over 2 bars seems good or does it depend on teh machine?

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    Re: 4 bar steam system

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    This looks like a steam driven machine like the Brevilla Bar Italia where the brew pressure is created by steam pressure and not a pump. When I first got onto CS to research what machine to get, it was made clear to me to stay away from steam machines as they dont have enough pressure for good espresso as well as the brew temp being way too hot.

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