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Thread: Barista Courses- Canberra

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    Barista Courses- Canberra

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    Hello everybody, I have recently moved to Canberra and I want to do a barista course. Most of the courses advrtised on the net are in Sydney/Melbourne etc. Does anyone know of a course i could do in Canberra??
    Appreciate any feed back - thanks

    Was also wondering where is the best coffee in Canberra?

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    Re: Barista Courses- Canberra

    Go and see cosmoreX I did their course last year and found it excellent.

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    Re: Barista Courses- Canberra

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    Quote Originally Posted by 686968616868630D0 link=1233619697/0#0 date=1233619697
    Was also wondering where is the best coffee in Canberra?
    On the Coffee Snobs front page scroll down to the bottom ("Good Coffee Where?") and have a look at the NSW/ACT section. Theres at least one thread there discussing where to find good coffee in Canberra and I think there might be links in that thread to others, as well.

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