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Thread: To brush or not to brush?

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    To brush or not to brush?

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    It had been suggested to me during my recent coffee machine purchase that a couple of backflushes after a shot is quite surfice for daily cleaning. So taking this view for the first week or so of ownership I did just that, only to find that whilst the backflush was adequete for cleaning the shower screen, it wasnt cleaining any small deposits in between the group head and screen. So I have since purchased a group head brush and found quite a difference. I still do the backflush (x3) after each shot but the brush just seems to finish it off nicely.

    So I am wondering, what is everyone else using (as a daily clean) on their machine?


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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    I use a wet microfiber cloth
    A couple times a week I remove the seal and screen for a wash and rinse
    Also clean the under screen area as lots of coffee oil deposits gather there

    I back flush mostly at the end of the day

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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    I will do a plain water backflush and also jiggle . This means inserting the group handle (with blind filter) in the grouphead but instead of locking it in, just jiggling it around while water is dispensed through the head.

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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    I have a Pallo coffee tool which I use to brush the group before each shot, whilst running some water through the group.

    I do a chemical b/f approx once a week depending on use.

    I currently do not take the group seal or screen off unless replacing one or both.

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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    The brush does get deposits not reached by backflushing or juggling. How often you need to do it? Depends on use but I wouldnt say it was as regular as backflushing.

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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    Hi All
    I backflush only when doing a clean every 2 - 3 weeks.
    I use the brush and a cloth to clean around the screen and only take the screen and seal out when i plant to replace the screen.


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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    Flush, brush, jiggle, and backflush after every pull. Chemical backflush once a week or more often as needed.

    Java "Keeping it clean" phile

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    Re: To brush or not to brush?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I use the brush after each use. not a big addition to the routine, but helps to keep all areas clean as a whistle ;D

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