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Thread: Double Short Black

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    Double Short Black

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    What would be the industry standard glass - cup to serve this drink?

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    Re: Double Short Black

    This is straight from the Barazi Bezzera web site recipes of Coffees

    Short Black - Single serve
    Serve in a 70-90 ml demitasse cup & saucer. Extract 25-30 ml of coffee in 25-30 seconds-traditionally served with a glass of water.

    So a double Short black would be 50-60 ml (or use a double basket into a single cup)


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    Re: Double Short Black

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    hey jimmy
    i may be wrong, but i dont think there is necessarily an industry standard for a double shot espresso.
    some guys/gals pour this into a demi, some into a tulip (acf). i go for the tulip personally if im pulling a double (although i think i have only have ppl order this on very few occsasions)

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