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Thread: God in a Cup

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    God in a Cup

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    Has anyone read this book:

    God ina Cup by Michaele Weissman:

    Is it worth reading over a cup of coffee?? * ::)

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    Re: God in a Cup

    Yes, this book is fantastic. It focuses more on events relevant to the US coffee market than the Australian market, but if you are interested in coffee, I think that you will find it fascinating. The book mainly traces the panama esmeralda phenomenon as a way of exploring current specialty coffee trends and it also follows around a number of high profile US coffee buyers. I blogged about it here.


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    Re: God in a Cup

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    Yep - have read it, I would argue it is an interesting read for someone not interested in coffee. Well researched and written by a respected journalist. There is also a very good interview with her on one of the coffeegeek podcasts.

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