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Thread: Embarassing question

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    Embarassing question

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Actually it should be "the embarassing answer":)
    Ive had a few mates comment on the nice coffee Ive served them.
    The conversation goes like this:
    Mate: "Thats nice coffee!"
    Brewman: "Yeah, its a specialty blend Ive been getting."
    Mate: "So wheres it from?"
    Brewman: (eyes downcast and kicking the floor) "umm, the internet."
    ;D :D

    Where are the beanbay coffees roasted? Just the city will do.

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    Re: Embarassing question

    Quote Originally Posted by 5A6A7D6F757976180 link=1253675031/0#0 date=1253675031
    Where are the beanbay coffees roasted? Just the city will do.


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    Re: Embarassing question

    The Snobbery?

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    Re: Embarassing question

    ha ha ha... your first answer was the right one, "The Internet" is what I tell people too as the whole concept of our business is that if we provide exceptional service and speedy freight then it didnt really matter where it came from.

    The answer to your question is actually Geelong, but "The Internet" is more correct.


    Quote Originally Posted by 41435257414A4B4C220 link=1253675031/2#2 date=1253676760
    The Snobbery?
    Wow... its a long time since I have looked at those pictures. Seems a lifetime ago now. Im roasting at the moment and The Snobbery is looking quite a bit more "lived in" and homely now. The last batch is in the roaster now and then I need to do the "mad arms flapping rush" to get everything out to the couriers this afternoon.

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    Re: Embarassing question

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    And is the bank manager now a little more comfortable, or is he still sitting on the fence as to whether it was a
    Quote Originally Posted by 4A575A4D4B4C57380 link=1173674158/34#34 date=1173830196
    marvellous advancement to this ever-improving site

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