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Thread: Stale Coffee

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    Stale Coffee

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    Hi Team, I am looking for an article that I think appeared in the Sydney papersa couple of months ago about stale cooffee being served in Coffee Houses/shops. The survey results said that over 90% of the coffee sampled in the outlets was stale. I would love to get hold of this article, if anybody can help out I would be over the moon. The reward for a clipping the actual article is, Two kilos of coffee delivered to your door. You select the coffee:-either green or roasted, single origin, blended ground or unground.

    I hope someone takes the reward.
    Regards Robman

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    Re: Stale Coffee


    Have you tried ringing the relevant newspapers? Sure theyd be able to help you out.

    Warren -

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    Re: Stale Coffee

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    Hi Warren,
    I would call them only I do not know which paper carried the story.
    Regards Robman

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