In our endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee this is an often repeated line and it makes perfect sense.

For some reason I find myself completely unable to live by this. :)

Today I adjusted Silvias opv and pulled a few shots, promptly using up the last of my Genecafe roasted beans. Sitting in the cubbord awaiting me is a couple of kg of untried brand new, still learning and modifying T/O roasted coffees.

There is no way of knowing which pressure, or which roaster is resulting in any differences observed in my espresso. ::)
Maybe this will teach me for not cupping with a pour over ::)

Keep using the Gene cafe you say? Haha not while Im having this much fun with a new roaster :D,

Gene is going in the cupboard for a while where I wont be tempted to hack it for its roasting controls.

Also I dont think the novelty of a bean mass temperature probe will be wearing off anytime soon. :)