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So from what I have read we are going to agree to disagree about the effect of "pure" water (RO etc) on the internals of a coffee machine but nobody should use it because it is a negative on taste of the resultant coffee, hope I have read it right.

It is a fantastic discussion I love it when "the accepted wisdom" is challenged as there is much in the world that people accept because everyone says so (ie the world being flat).

What are you trying to say... It is FLAT or we would fall off...

AS to coffee machines..

1: We all appear to agree that TASTE is important..

2: Equipment maintenance is up to the user and any problems that might be had: with the supplier. *However the supplier also have a strong position and regardless of your perceptions / beliefs.... *They will make the call if it comes to a disscussion as to if the unit has been used / maintained in the manner they recommend.

How I treat my wife Vs how she wishes to be treated... *What I want Vs what she wants... *And I know who wins *:D