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Thread: New Coffee species discovered

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    New Coffee species discovered

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    Living it up somewhere in Madagasgar are these newly discovered wild species - 7 in total. Source: Twitter --> BBC News --> Kew Gardens

    Species Information
    Coffea pterocarpa
    Conservation Status: IUCN Red List Category: Critically Endangered. *(Ed: I guess that means no roasting just yet)
    Known hazards: None known.
    Habitat: Seasonally dry, mixed deciduous[ch8211]evergreen forest. On deep karst limestone (known in Madagascar as Tsingy). At 120 to 130 m above sea level.

    Arabica on the right and the new one on the left. (Ed: Woah)

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    Re: New Coffee species discovered

    I wonder if it taste any good.

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    Re: New Coffee species discovered

    Nescafe 4.3

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    Re: New Coffee species discovered

    Quote Originally Posted by 3408150E040512070F04600 link=1261648539/2#2 date=1261659722
    Nescafe 4.3
    Hahahaha ;D :D ;D :D

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    Re: New Coffee species discovered

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Quote Originally Posted by 4874697278796E7B73781C0 link=1261648539/2#2 date=1261659722
    Nescafe 4.3
    COOL! Nescafe finally comes in surround sound. I was getting sick of listening to it in stereo.

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