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Thread: Seeking Sweet Coffee

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    Seeking Sweet Coffee

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    I have a new Silvia / Challenge grinder combination and everything is sweet except my need to add sugar. It may be laziness rather than snobiness, but I just dont like having to mess up my perfect crema. Can anyone recommend a commercial roast I could try either online or in Adelaide which is naturally sweet ?

    Also, if I want sweeter tasting expresso coffee should I ask for it to be single or double roasted ?

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    Re: Seeking Sweet Coffee

    A sweeter coffee i use is Costa Rica 3/4 roast. I will PM you where I get it from here in Adelaide. I still use a little sugar with it, but not much.

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    Re: Seeking Sweet Coffee

    A local (for me) roaster sells some "New Guinea Blue Mountain" which is quite sweet- you notice the sweetness as soon as you smell it, and the coffee does seem to be sweet- although Im not sure how much taste is influenced by smell...

    You could try getting hold of this bean, see how you like it.

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    Re: Seeking Sweet Coffee

    I find a blend called Black Mountian from FNQ a nice sweet coffee. Roasted and shipped same day so it is fresh. PM me if you want the website or more info.

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    Re: Seeking Sweet Coffee

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    Try my Sunday Blend, very rich and caramel like it should fit your description

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