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Thread: tiger striping

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    tiger striping

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    What is tiger striping ive overheard people talking about it and has got me curious would love to hear your feed back guys.
    Does it add anything to the taste???????????

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    Re: tiger striping

    I dont think it affects the taste directly.

    Its more of an indicator that the shot came out well, with the right amount of flow and extraction.

    This is what makes a shot taste good.

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    Re: tiger striping

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    (hope this works) This is an example of tiger striping

    And the quote that came with it.

    Tiger Stripes that are uniform are usually a good sign, as long as most of the stripes are medium to dark in color and the pour time is not too quick or slow; most agree a 2 ounce double should run about 22-30 seconds. Always let taste be your ultimate authority.

    So not bad.....but, as long as it tastes good dont stress too much about it.

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