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Thread: siphon coffee course?

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    siphon coffee course?

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    Hi all,

    Am looking for somewhere to learn the proper techniques and general how-tos for siphon coffee. Are there any courses available in Melbourne / Sydney? Or does anybody know about learning it from Japan?

    Tried searching online but couldnt find any.


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    Re: siphon coffee course?


    as a keen syphon user no there is no regular syphon courses offered. From time to time St Ali and I think the Auction Rooms in Melbourne do come and play sessions. If you have a look here you will find the Auction Rooms and Di Bella are running sessions including Syphon use this week.

    If you look in the manual brewing section of this forum there are some good starter points to Syphons too.

    failing that ask away and those of us that have syphons will try and help you out :)

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    Re: siphon coffee course?

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    CoffeeNate also has a great little demo video of using a syphon pot:

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