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Thread: Im going to Cup of Excellence El Salvador

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    Im going to Cup of Excellence El Salvador

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    Hi all,

    I am thrilled to be going to the El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition next week. Of course, I will endeavour to report back, put up photos, etc. This presents a rare opportunity for yall to get an insight into the competition, so if there is anything in particular that you would like to know, post up here and I will endeavour to find out what I can. My flight leaves Friday.

    You can see some background info on the Cup of Excellence web page and the thread that I started to report on the workshop that the Alliance for Coffee Excellence recently ran in Melbourne:


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    Re: Im going to Cup of Excellence El Salvador

    Can you bring me back some greens? :D

    Have a great time Luca

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    Re: Im going to Cup of Excellence El Salvador

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    Friday departure how big is your suitcase, maybe some of us more compact CSs might fit in it ;)

    Im sure you will have an interesting time and pass on some good information.


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