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Thread: Ways to recycle used coffee ground

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    Ways to recycle used coffee ground

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    I was checking out website on how to recycle used coffee ground and saw this. There are some interesting usage of used coffee ground instead of throwing them into the bins.

    I did a quick search in the forum and did not find anything. I hope this is not an old topic and it will be ok for me to put the web link here. Mod merge or remove if needed.

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    Re: Ways to recycle used coffee ground

    It has been discussed before, here are some previous posts.

    Most of those other uses are quirky at best and as Im no hippy Im not about to be washing my hair in coffee.

    Ive tried to keep the ants away with it and it doesnt work.

    I am willing to give a try to keeping the cats at bay though.

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    Re: Ways to recycle used coffee ground

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    Ive been using coffee grounds in the compost and around my roses for years, Im sure its been touched on here in the past. ;)
    PS, just did a search, quite a few hits on compost.

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