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Thread: Bitter and sour mixed up in extraction, driving me crazy

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    Bitter and sour mixed up in extraction, driving me crazy

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    I am trying to get the most out of my fathers superauto, I have been reading up on extraction and grind as I cant change anything else.

    What is driving me crazy though is every place says the beginning of the extraction or the darkness tastes sour, and the end of the extraction or lighter color tastes bitter. It is the other way around though!
    Bitter to me is the taste of black burnt charcoal chicken/steak or orange peel
    Sour for me is kiwi fruit, soap.

    Do I have the definitions mixed up or ??

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    Re: Bitter and sour mixed up in extraction, driving me crazy

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    Sour can be low brew temp. Can you run some hot water from the head of the Auto before you run the shot to warm it up a bit this might lose some of the sour?

    That lighter colour will be more Bitter and is over extraction and blonding by the sounds of it and this might be helped by a little finer grind or even stop the shot as soon as you see it.

    To help you identify what you are tasting pour the shot into 3 glasses and drink them seperately is worthwhile to help in identifying what you think you are tasting.

    Beans also play a big part as does the machine which is part of the reason Autos are evil ;)

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