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Thread: Mocha Coffee Recipe

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    Mocha Coffee Recipe

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    Does anyone have a good recipe for this? I dont believe Ive ever had one in my life and would like to give it a whirl. Eventually someones going to ask me to make one for them so I might as well be prepared.


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    Re: Mocha Coffee Recipe


    Add chocolate to a latte or flat white.

    Ok enough of being a smarta#se ::)

    I add a coco sugar mix with a little hot water, just like making a hot chocolate (1 part coco to 2 parts sugar). Then espresso and add steamed milk.
    This coco has been the best for mocha to me:

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    Re: Mocha Coffee Recipe

    Heres how I do it at home: add 2 tsp of choc powder to a pre heated latte glass / then run a double ristretto on top / pour warm milk in the glass to 3/4 full / stir vigorously and then steam contents until chocolate is dissolved through the mix but do not boil milk ( a couple of short sharp bursts with the steamwand should do the trick ) then top with warmed milk and sprinkle chocolate on top!

    In the cafe its the same process but we would use our home made chocolate sauce mix instead of the powder to kick things off..:

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    Re: Mocha Coffee Recipe

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    We make ours with a hot chocolate steamed milk over a standard coffee base. Drop the choc (double Dutch no sugar) ratio a little from our standard HC brew dissolve in a little water add milk then steam. Treat as a normal FW or Latte from there. Option of drinking choc (with sugar) on top or not.

    Not sure if it is correct or not but thats how we do it.

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