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Thread: South African Rooibos

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    South African Rooibos

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    These days I mainly drink rooibos tea, if other snobs like it too, it would be a welcome addition to teas available on bean bay.

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    Re: South African Rooibos

    Has anyone tried Red Espresso from South Africa? Its essentially rooibos tea that you use in an Espresso machine. Its interesting. Im not sure if you can get it here, but Im sure there is someone in Australia is bringing it in.

    I used it with my Breville 800 series when I was still in Cape Town and I got pretty decent results with it. I have a feeling that it will only really work well with a pressurised basket like the Breville has. Id like to try it with my Silvia, but Im sure the pour will be horrible.

    Doing my bit for South Africa :)

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    Re: South African Rooibos

    Hello David

    You really should take a look at the following, then rethink your introduction...;num=1115338530

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    Re: South African Rooibos

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    I know it was perfect on daily beverage that can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities. This African Herbal tea is rich in many essential natural elements and its healthiest tea you will ever drink. I heard all about this Rooibos Tea.

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