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Thread: Thanks to Cuppacoffee - I cant believe you missed it!

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    Thanks to Cuppacoffee - I cant believe you missed it!

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    A big thanks to Dennis from Cuppacoffee for holding a very special evening last night. I cant believe you missed it.

    Welcomed with apple tea (a Turkish tradition apparently), followed by Manhatten espresso soda (challenging for some but a great and unusual drink for a coffee lover), chased by a cherry mocha latte (yum) and finally a chai affogato (unbelievably amazing - hit of the night). All with as much as you can eat cheesecake, chocolate mud cake and gourmet cookies washed down with Australian spring water.

    And a nice friendly atmosphere with warm welcoming hosts. If a similar event happens in future - dont miss it.

    Thanks again Dennis,

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    Re: Thanks to Cuppacoffee - I cant believe you missed it!

    Unfortunately as I live on NW coast of Tassie, and had a prior arrangement last night, was a bit difficult for me to make it....but sure sounds like it was worth going to.

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    Re: Thanks to Cuppacoffee - I cant believe you missed it!

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    Thankyou Pb. We enjoyed it too.

    Our customers are very supportive, so its a pleasure for us to be able to do something in return like this from time to time. We had to turn away quite a few people some days before the event so I think we will do it all again in some way, shape, or form.

    I liked the entertainment too, though again, we might do something different next time round.

    Cheers! :)

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