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    I just got a 15g VST basket, any one tried out VST filter basket? Found it hard to use, I have adjusted grinder setting, changed Temper to a flat one, still found the coffee puck softer than usual and flow rate too fast. Gone through 200g of Brazil Pupl Natural, beans are three days old only, wonder can extraction be better after few days later? Normally I use a 12g basket and dont have much problem.

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    Try updosing. In the 18gm basket I use just over 20gm and in the 22gm I need to put 26gm of coffee in order to get a good shot.

    You will need to tighten up the grind also. I dont disturb the tamped coffee by nutating like I do with other baskets...go figure...and make sure that the tamper leaves the tamped coffee parallel with the lip of the portafilter.

    It took a bit of trial and error to get consistency but the above did it for me.

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    I too use the 15g VST, you have to tighten the grind quite a bit compared to other baskets and with the 15g I dosed 19.5g. Did get it to really produce some beautiful coffee with some DiBartoli Signature Blend but it was one of those drip drip drip type of extractions of about 45 seconds. Not conventional but tasted so sweet.

    Then I tried some single origin Sumatran & it all went to pieces. I went 8 teeth finer on my Mazzer wheel and still couldnt find a setting which tasted good and I had run out of my 500g.

    Put my synesso double basket back in my other portafilter today and will test that. Bought another batch of freshly roasted Signature Blend today and should be ready for use next week.

    Beautifully made baskets but they may be like an F1 car and need an F1 driver to suit. Im just not qualified!


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    Thanks JohnT & Paolo,

    15g is a lot coffee for me, my normal basket uses between 12g - 13g, tried up dose to 16g it is getting better, 19.5g can make two cups of coffee, I hope one day VST would make a 12g basket, I remember there should be a 2mm space between the E61 shower screen and the tamped coffee ground, I think the VST is more about the top down flow design that trying to give every grind the equal amount of waterflow. Meanwhile keep up dosing til it is right.

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