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Thread: This is cool...

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    This is cool...

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    As a few of you people know (who read the what we do for a living thread) I have had a bit of an issue with Breast Cancer the last 8 months or so, well my daughter joined Canteen for support through this time and they have been fantastic.

    Today she got a letter from Canteen telling her she had been chosen to go to the Clipsal 500 as a guest of the Premier Mike Rann with 29 other Canteen members.

    This is really cool. She is going to have so much fun.

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    Re: This is cool...

    Thats great Lucinda, its wonderful when things like that happen to your kids. Im sure shes given you a lot of support and this will be a fun thing for her. :)

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    Re: This is cool...


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    Re: This is cool...

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    Great stuff lucinda. Hope your daughter enjoys herself and more importantly hope your recovery is going well.

    My aunt (dads sister) is 40% through the chemo treatment for breast cancer. Its tough on the family and even harder on the patient. Keep your chin up!!!

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