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Thread: Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

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    Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

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    Hi CSers,

    Since mid 2007 Robin Greeney has been the day to day point of contact for many orders of tampers, roasters and other equipment through Things Coffee. Robin was already retired when he joined me and as things in Pullman have continued to get busier he has decided to rejoin the ranks of the retired!

    Robin has been a diligent and passionate worker and his general interest in all things coffee has been of great assistance to many of our customers in deciding whats the best combination for their needs. Im sure youll all join me in thanking Robin for his hard work over the past 4 1/2 years and wish him all the best for a more laid-back future!

    Robins replacement is Neil Atwood. Some of you may already know Neil who was one of the six founding members of coffeesnobs back when it was simply a co-operative green bean buying operation. Neil has run a part-time business in the coffee industry for many years and has a lot of general experience with coffee so Im sure he will be well capable of assisting you with your queries.

    As always, the first point of contact is enquiriesATcoffeetamperDOTcomDOTau if you have any questions about any of our products. Neil or I will get back to you as appropriate.


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    Re: Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

    I have to say that you two (Robin & Greg) have been the fastest repliers to questions, whether PM or emailed, and leading to a sale or not. Thanks & farewell Robin :)

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    Re: Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

    In all my dealings with Robin and Greg, from my purchase of a tamper many years ago to the Hottop more recently, their attention to customer service has been exemplary. Prompt replies to all questions and* a special effort by Robin to ship the Hottop before a holiday weekend were greatly appreciated.

    All the best for your retirement, Robin.


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    Re: Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

    All the very best Robin.

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    Re: Farewell Robin, welcome Neil

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    Enjoy your retirement Robin ;) :) :) :) :)

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