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Thread: Goats eating Coffee

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    Goats eating Coffee

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    Re: Goats eating Coffee

    Interesting how historical accounts can differ so much -- its like Chinese whispers down the ages -- who knows what the real story of Kaldi was? Was there a Kaldi in the first place? Or has the history of the origin of coffee been so clouded by the mists of time (waxing lyrical) that it now qualifies as a myth?

    But it must surely humble the snobbyest of coffee snobs to discover that our refined indulgence was all started by a renegade bunch of frisky goats!

    Ahhh, coffee, you never cease to surprise! ;D

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    Re: Goats eating Coffee

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    More of a legend/myth than fact, I would venture. Something akin to the medieval monk who accidently "invented" beer when some yeast fell into his wheat drink.


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