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Thread: Bodum Pavina faulty valve?

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    Bodum Pavina faulty valve?

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    Hi all. Couldnt work out where else to post this. And i couldnt turn anything up on google. I just bought the 250ml pavinas the other day. And after about the 3rd wash, one of then has gone very cloudy on the inside bowl. It appeara to me to be condensation inside the dual wall. Im wondering if its possibly a faulty valve? Should I take it back? Its currently sitting in a plastic bag with some silica sachets (used to keep them to dry out usb sticks if they went through the wash). Does anyone have any other ideas? Itd be much appreciated.


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    Re: Bodum Pavina faulty valve?

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    Take them back, I have the same cups but in 80ml and theyve been through the dishwasher many times and still look like new

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