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Thread: is my Wega possessed ?

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    is my Wega possessed ?

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    Hi everyone,my wega atlas compact now decides to turn itself on,most disturbing the first time it happened,I was at home , thankfully, not at my market stall,about 20 min after I had made a soy cap for my girlfriend and a double ristretto for myself the machine turned itself back on, then off and then on,spooky.I pulled it apart even got the key pad out but still attached by its ribbon cable,I was thinking the key pad would be easily removed by unplugging an electrical connection,it doesnt appear to , i think it is soldered into a little board, which is beyond my skills. Im presuming the trouble is in the key pad but I dont know for sure.Only the right hand group key pad is affected and only the double ristretto button.Any help would be appreciated . Thanks

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    Re: is my Wega possessed ?

    Its a symptom of being a coffee snob. You can never really stop making coffees :D.

    On a serious note, Id suggest bringing it in for servicing.

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    Re: is my Wega possessed ?

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    a) its going out in sympathy over the sale of the company to external interests (SOH required here)

    b) its time for professional diagnosis and rectification particularly if you are using it in a business situation (serious reply).

    c) it could be almost anything of an electrical nature and guessing wont cut it (serious relpy).

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