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Thread: Tap water in Northcote Vic

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    Tap water in Northcote Vic

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    Hi all,

    Please excuse the noob question, but I was wondering if anyone has done testing / knows the hardness of water in Northcote Victoria?* If so, what approach do you recommend?

    I am looking at purchasing a decent domestic espresso setup but am still a little hazy on what I need to do on the water filtering side of things.* *:-/

    One of the key things I am keen about is ensuring my machine (when I eventually get it) lasts a long time, and I read that water quality is a key determinate.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS - the machine will NOT be plumbed.

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    Re: Tap water in Northcote Vic

    Hi TIH,

    Ill give you some test strips when I meet you in the morning. I have 1st hand evidence to suggest that hardness can be specific to individual properties

    In my experience its prudent to use at least some form of filtration- even if only to keep goop out of soft water.


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    Re: Tap water in Northcote Vic

    As a data point for anyone interested in the future, the tap water showed no signs of hardness.

    Thanks for the test strips Chris.

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    Tap water in Northcote Vic

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    I also live in Northcote. Having replaced my Silvia with a new Giotto PP this week (and loving it), I've been paying a little more attention to water quality. Yarra Valley Water's annual water reports for the past 4 years report the hardness very consistently in the 30-40ppm range. Based on my limited CS reading so far, it seems that 20-50 is perhaps ideal?

    Based in that, I'm just using a Brita Maxtra jug for the Giotto.

    However, perhaps local supplies to parts of the suburb can differ, or differ over time? I descaled my Silvia about every 4-6 months over the past 3-4 years and on just one occasion did I notice a big improvement, particularly in steaming, but that might just have been a different (non-scale) blockage.


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