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Thread: Coffee making mishaps

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    Coffee making mishaps

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Its one of those days at my place. Thought Id take a break from it all and make a cafe latte.

    First up, I could tell Id overfilled the Portafilter, but thought Id press on. Of course once I flipped the brew button, coffee came spluttering out the grouphead in all directions. I managed to catch the coffee in my cup, but it included coffee grounds! Wiping most of them off the inside edges of my glass, I then went on to texture my milk, which included spraying milk on myself as soon as I turned on the steam. After making my worst coffee since I got this machine, I had enough froth for a babyccino for my daughter, went to shake the chocolate on without taking off the lid! Agh!

    Trust me, I can make a decent coffee, its really one of those days.

    Anyone else had coffee making mishaps?

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    Re: Coffee making mishaps

    When I first got a VST basket I had a session where I chocked/overloaded about 3 shots in a row, with similar results to yours. I learned to reduce the dose significantly after that.

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    Re: Coffee making mishaps

    A couple of times I got distracted just as I locked (?) the portafilter in the head, and half way through the shot it unlocked itself, flew across the room, and sprayed hot coffee and grounds all over the floor.

    But Ill never admit to it. :-X

    (not) Greg (must have been someone else)

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    Re: Coffee making mishaps

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    Jeepers Greg Ill try not to do that one.

    Once I made coffee for my husband and put it in a thermos for him to take to work. The glass in the thermos exploded with a bang and shot glass everwhere. There is still a coffee stain on the ceiling.

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