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Thread: Giotto Rocket Problem

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    Giotto Rocket Problem

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    Hi There Everyone!

    I bought a Giotto Rocket about 3 years ago from Denis at Talk coffee. I was looking at other machine but am ever so grateful Denis talked me into this one...superb!

    In 3 years it has never missed a beat and it is on all the time and gets used at least 4-5 times a day!

    Unfortunately i have a fault with it and am going away Monday and would like to try and get it fixed (the machine comes on holidays with us* :) )

    The pressure gauge keeps going up to2 to 2.5 when turned on, the water relief spout (not sure the correct name) under the brewer head has a drip and the coffee extraction is lacking.

    Does anyone know what it could be? Happy to post more info if needed.


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    Re: Giotto Rocket Problem

    Hi Lou,

    Almost certainly time for a new pressurestat.

    Its a quick job which can be done as part of a routine service by any tech.



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    Re: Giotto Rocket Problem

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    Oh thank you Chris. I just rang and left a message with you.
    We are in Mackay, I am not sure if there are any techs here.

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