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Thread: Cracks appearing in crema

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    Cracks appearing in crema

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    I am noticing that with a single basket, during the pour, just after the coffee hits the cup cracks begin to appear in the crema however I have no such issues with the double basket.

    My beans are fresh roasted 10 days ago or less.

    What could be causing this?


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    Re: Cracks appearing in crema

    Throw the single basket in the bin mate and just use the double. The singles are totally useless.... :)

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    Re: Cracks appearing in crema

    Singles arent as "useless" as people make out in the forums* ;) Most people havent thought about / realised why they dont get good results from their singles in comparison to their doubles, and I will be going Off Topic wrt this thread if I go there at this time.* :)

    That said we here (CosmoreX Coffee) never use single filters (reasons as above OT here) to diagnose the cause of such "crema cracking" is.......?

    However, assuming your grind / dose / tamp technique is all good, and certainly if you are using commercial filters (as in on a semi commercial HX or similar) off the top of my head I cant see why this would happen, especially as when all is correct and the beans are fresh ground, on a well sorted or well managed coffee machine there should be a mountain of crema rising from the bottom of the pour with "guiness effect" (using an espresso glass for best visual effect).

    Might go down to our cupping laboratory and try using a single filter to see if I can duplicate the problem.

    If I can see anything significant, will come back to you later.

    What type of machine are you using?* Thermoblock domestic (dept store brands), boiler domestic ( eg Silvia/Lelit), HX, DB.....???????? (that will also give me an idea of the type of filter in use).

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Cracks appearing in crema

    Thanks for the response.

    I have a Faema E98 compact.

    Could it be my grind is too fine? I noticed that there were some coffee grounds in my cup.

    I kept my sunbeam tamper off an EM6910 i used to own. It is a bit of a tight fit but otherwise ok.

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    Re: Cracks appearing in crema

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    How big around is the cup?


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