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Thread: Digital Scales for weighing dose

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    Digital Scales for weighing dose

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    Hi guys,

    I have a set of kitchen scales, but they only have 1g increments.

    I'd love to see what scales people are using to weigh their doses, to the 0.1g interval? Preferably with photos/pictures. Please let me know where you got the scales and how much they were.

    I'd love a really compact set to sit on my bench and I don't want to pay too much either..

    Thanks all!

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    Lots of small/pocket type digital scales on fleabay very cheap, I paid less than $20 for my 200 gram set inc postage.

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    Here's the manufacturer's website for the model I bought recently:

    My Weigh Digital Scales- Manufacturer of quality digital scales and digital scale accessories

    I chose this one after some recommendations on various forums. It's compact, has been easy to use, and seems to be accurate enough for this purpose.

    I bought mine off ebay from O/S and it was around $55 including postage from memory.

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