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Thread: Origin of the word "Marzocco" and the lion

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    Origin of the word "Marzocco" and the lion

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    Being in the market for a LM "lion"portafilter of late I got to wondering where the word Marzocco comes from and what it means. For those of you as ignorant as I was, I have found out this much:

    A Marzocco is a stone lion with one paw resting on a shield, which has become the emblem of the city of Florence, Italy. The most famous being Donatellos Marzocco c.1419, Bargello National Museum, Florence

    Donatellos Marzocco, the heraldic lion of Florence

    "The origin of the word Marzocco is very obscure; some philologists trace it to the East. In Florence it has always been applied to a seated lion, one of whose paws rests on a shield, which bears the popular device of the giglio, or lily."

    Replica of Donatellos Marzocco in Piazza della Signoria, Florence

    "Giuseppe Bambi adopted the symbol of the "Marzocco" for his company, a seated lion with the crest of the Florentine Lily, the synonym of victory and conquest, and called his company La Marzocco."

    So there you go, now you know.

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    Re: Origin of the word "Marzocco" and the lion

    Very interesting, i have wondered that too but never researched it.

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    Re: Origin of the word "Marzocco" and the lion

    Does that mean I now have to sell Giotto and buy LaMarzocco instead... BTW, Florence would have to be the best city in Italy! One day Ill even get to go there..hopefully ;)

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    Re: Origin of the word "Marzocco" and the lion

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    I was there 3 1/2 years ago.
    I bought a nice leather vest for a bargain price.
    And we had a very pleasant lunch in a little restaurant.
    Funny thing was that most of the wines on display were Australian.

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