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Thread: Extraction time

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    Extraction time

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    Hi All,

    Ive been around the fringes for some time now with stove tops and syphons, but I recently bought a Lelit PL41 Plus ( single boiler with PID control) and a Breville smart grinder BCG 800 -

    Thing is I cannot get a double shot (60ml) extraction in 25 seconds in fact I am twice as fast, I use the grinder set to its finest setting, amount of coffee to the mark on the group handle ( 58mm Group), Tamp pressure measured on the bathroom scale to 15 kG - and Im running out of variables.

    The coffee isnt bad its just not text book..I seem to be so far out with my timer that any variables are nonsensical to me anyway.

    Appreciate yr help.

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    You should be able to "choke" ( stop the flow) of the brew with the grinder set to its finest.
    I suspect you are not grinding fine enough.
    Search / read these forums for post re the BCG800 grinder mods.
    there is a shim set available from Breville that enables a finer grind setting to be obtained.
    If its a new grinder, you could return it to the retailer for an exchange.

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    Shim set sounds like the way to go from me as well. Have a chat to Breville, hopefully they'll send it free of charge.

    Good luck!

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    Return the grinder, get something that works.

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    Thanks guys - will try for the shims first.

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