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Thread: Coffee Shows/Events/Expo's around Melbourne

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    Coffee Shows/Events/Expo's around Melbourne

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    Would appreciate any advice that anyone has re: any upcoming or annual coffee events in Melbourne that I could look out for?

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    One of the biggest events in the world will be in Melbourne, M.I.C.E. (Melbourne International Coffee Expo) that will be hosting the world barista championship and the world brewers cup.

    May 23rd-26th 2013
    Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2013
    Melbourne Showgrounds.



    There will be other smaller events around Melbourne but nothing on the scale of MICE.

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    wooooohoooooo! cant wait for this )

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    Thanks for that, the MICE event looks great, will be there! Any tips re: the smaller events that may be happening in the meantime? Don't know if I can wait until May !!!!!!!!!

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