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Thread: Can't wait to get home, where my new toy awaits

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    Can't wait to get home, where my new toy awaits

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    I recently purchased a Gaggia and have been waiting for delivery. I missed TNT by 10 Minutes on Friday, so had to wait until today so they could verify my "authority to leave" form and deliver the machine while nobody's home.

    It was delivered this morning, and I'm stuck at work. I can't wait to get home and get it set up so I can get stuck in.

    Apologies, had to get it out. People at work just don't understand.

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    I know the feeling. I was at uni today when my new KeepCup was delivered. Not nearly as exciting as a new machine. But I still couldn't wait to get home.

    I also know a friend who was waiting weeks for a item from overseas. Got the slip saying it's at the post office late on Friday (after PO shut), then flew out of the country early this morning for 2 weeks.

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    We all understand Robnel...
    ...and we are all waiting for the new baby pictures too!

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