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Thread: Water Filtration?

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    Water Filtration?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have searched and read a lot on here about water filters and only now am i beginning to think more about it. Like i said i have read a lot on here but would like to know what others thoughts are on this? Im thinking of getting it for my Machine mainly but also for general drinking. When i say its for my machine not literally, i have an Expobar Minore unplumbed and no rotary pump and didnt intend on plumbing it up unless someone can persuade me otherwise
    I look after my machine very well however i would like to know if this is a good idea to add to help keep descale off?
    Im from Victoria if this helps


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    I plumbed a Brita C150 instead of the filter on the fridge water. I havent plumbed in my Duetto but fill manually from the fridge and we use as general drinking water. Test strips show a dramatic difference
    I spoke to and purchased from Bernard at Bombora and he was excellent. I would highly recommend him as would many other snobs
    Hope this helps
    Dr Dave

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    Hi Dr_dave,

    Thanks for your comments, i have read a lot about Bernard's Knowledge and will look into it. I hear some say it can be overkill but from what i have read here all things point to having water filtration as a positive thing.
    Cheers and thanks for your help


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