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Thread: Tampers - Flat vs Convex

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    Tampers - Flat vs Convex

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    Hi all,

    Long time member, first time poster.

    About to drop some $$$ on a new machine with an E61 grouphead and will need a new tamper.

    Just wondering what difference the base of the tamper makes, being flat or convex? Benefits/drawbacks of each?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Hi Shippo & welcome. This question gets revived from time to time, search function should unearth a treasure trove of confusion :-). At the end of it any benefit, imagined or factual is minimal. I feel that the fit of the tamper & the operator's consistency is more important.

    PS. I should mention I have one of each and I swap between the two and have no noticeable difference.


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    Many thanks Steve for your prompt reply.

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    Add ripple base into the equation, just to confuse you more

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