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Thread: Peru Segunda Naturals

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    Peru Segunda Naturals

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Please help me.

    My better half really like this Peru Segunda Naturals, a nice mild coffee, I dont mind it, but really like a stronger brew.

    Can anyone help as to where I can buy some of this from please. I received my newbie pack which had this in it, but now its been tasted, cant find where to get it from.

    HELP....please :-?

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    Re: Peru Segunda Naturals

    Is there a chance we can get some of this in an upcoming bean bay Andy?

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    Re: Peru Segunda Naturals

    Me too :D
    My partner is from Peru ::). Ive checked her pockets: she doesnt have any beans :(.

    I reckon I should get some, so she can feel at home -- and so I can impress the inlaws!

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    Re: Peru Segunda Naturals

    We do get really nice Peruvian beans quite regularly even if not this particular bean, all the varieties Ive tried from CS so far have been very, very nice indeed..... Grace Estate, Kontiki Chamana to name a couple, so dont be afraid to give other Peruvians a go ::),


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    Re: Peru Segunda Naturals

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Not in the coming BeanBay but it is high on the "request a sample" list for the following BeanBay.

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