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Thread: Reheating Steamed Milk

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    Reheating Steamed Milk

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    I'm always told that steamed milk should never done reheated again. Is there a reason why this is the case?

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    From a great guide to texturing milk on coffeegeek - CoffeeGeek - Hello Milk!

    "The above is a complicated way of explaining where the old adage that you can “foam milk once and steam it twice” comes from. To foam milk a second time won’t work because the proteins that facilitated the formation of the foam initially have become denatured. You can of course just reheat the milk a second time but even that is not recommended. Steam only as much milk as you need for a given drink. Start with cold fresh milk every time. Never resteam milk or add fresh milk to already steamed milk. It is considered poor form. "

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    It won't feel or taste right.
    Try it for yourself.

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    Because it's not nice.

    Just learn how much milk to steam for each coffee and this wont be a problem.

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