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Thread: Refresher Advice ?

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    Refresher Advice ?

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    I just changed a few bits of equipment after many years. Seems ive lost the ability to figure out what areas I need to tweak. I had a Mini mazzer, standard baskets - load up the coffee (setting never really changed on the grinder) level and tamp and most of the time decent coffee. Bring in the VST baskets and Kony-E, so far my 18g basket gets approx 19g coffee so its not full you can level off have to just tap and then tamp. Run the machine, starts to pour within 3 seconds, I have got the volume down but looks watery. If I grind finer, starts to chock the BZ35, tried my tamp, even have a Fancy new Pullman (awesome bit of kit) light to moderate not really much difference.

    So I need some new eyes on this - as I seem to have missed something or see it in front of my face....I know am almost there, Yes tried different coffee beans too, the Kony-E is currently running around 6.5 secs for 19g-19.5g coffee in the VST 18g basket.
    I normally have long blacks or ristrettos, so when the 3 second pour starts and then pulled around 25-27 seconds before blonde staining - the long black starts to break up. Yet some coffee establishments the coffee in long blacks looks rich and thick.

    But either way I need to focus on my method and renew my thinking from my old ways - any assistance much appreciated, I know its a new Kony-e and VST baskets but still....need to check in for sanity check.

    Very much appreciated

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    3 second start is a bit quick IMO.
    Grind finer and less beans.
    Aim for 5 to 8 sec start.

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    Thats the way I always used to run - 5 sec pour, as soon as I notch up the fine grind on the mazzer starts choking the machine. Thinking I may need to keep to the 18g weight possibly ?

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    Is your dosing level similar (i.e. relative to the shower screen) to your old system? Not sure that weight is really going to help you (initially at least). Some better qualified people than me will surely offer their advice, but instinct tells me to change one thing at a time...dose to an acceptable level, then adjust your grind to get an extraction time in a sensible range. Otherwise you'll be chasing your tail.

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    Are you purging enough fresh coffee through the kony before you fill your basket ?
    I think the Kony will retain more stale grinds than the mini.

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    Hi - regards amount, I used to just grind and level - now the weight sits around half way for I cant level it off. just tap, tamp and in she goes....Kony needs some breaking in - I normally run the first grind into the bin, as mentioned stores a bit. got a fine line between grind and a 5 second pour, or drips in some cases....

    For me there is two issues - 1. New grinder needs breaking in, 2. 18-19g coffee in my vst sits low so I cant level off, but I can tap then just tamp (not my old way but works).

    Tried new fresh bean too - again drips one day second day runs....think its the grind balance and the new tamp method.

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    have you weighed your shots?
    some times if the coffee is to fine it will cause the shot to lose its colour prematurely, id say try more coffee and more course. and just remember a machine like a koni will lose some bean grind through the process of grinding to exiting the chute so weigh the coffee after its grinded.
    electronic mazzers are great but i dont like their timing method as all coffees weigh different and grind at different rates etc so consistency isn't great unless your always using the same coffee

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