I had the chance so I had to satisfy my curiosity, they only roast it once a year near Christmas

I got 150gr for $18.00 OUCH!

Anyway I stuck it in my Rosco Hand grinder to discover it is just a soft bean.

I pulled a straight 9 bar shot and tasted it Black with a good amount of crema, I would say it is more about mouth feel than flavor

It did not have any of the what I call "front tongue bite" and was very velvety and pleasant. added a little milk and it was still very good.

Then I tried a pressure profile with a finer grind, I have discovered soft beans like a long slow pre-infusion ramp up to a lower pressure

so that is what I did, total time around 45-50 seconds the pressure only got to around 4-5 bar because it was already flowing well so I left it there.

this time I tasted Flowers and some kind of spice, still the big velvety mouth feel. good Black and still good with a little milk. I will play around a bit more with this bean.

Would I say overrated? not at all

Just over priced $$$$$