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Thread: World of Coffee on CH74

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    World of Coffee on CH74

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    I noticed this program "World of Coffee" on digital free to air CH74 recently. Couldn't find it mentioned here after doing a search so thought I'd post it in case anyone's interested. It's on tonight (Sunday) at 7.30pm on Ch 74 (TV4ME).

    Caught a couple of episodes which mainly seem to be publicising coffee shops but also has the odd interview. Last week there was a fella from a site sponsor - Di Bella. Also has a quick segment at the end on making various coffee styles.

    Seems a little light on mostly but may be worth a look.

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    yeah, I just caught the last few minutes of it

    looked interesting and the girl is easy on the eyes too!

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    Saw quite a lot of episodes from the beginning when they started on Foxtel.
    They were all loaded to YouTube as well.
    Need to watch the last few I missed.

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