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Thread: E61 dosing

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    E61 dosing

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    I read many recommendations that a double e61 portafilter is a dose of about 14-18 grams. I currently fill my double with 20g and the tamper sinks all the way in and to me seems slightly under dosed. The puck finishes slightly sloppy on top with no screem pattern on it.

    People who use a 12 -14g dose must only half fill the basket! What am I missing here?

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    E61 dosing

    Not much. There is a lot of different basket sizes. Which is more important that what person X says you should be dosing. I have three different 'double' baskets for my E61, they need 18, 19 or 22g doses depending on the basket. If you are getting good shots, don't change, and don't listen to anyone else!

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    Welcome to CS potex!

    As David8 says above.........if it ain't broke...........

    Filters come in all sizes; singles, doubles, triples and quads, ridged and straight and will take, nominally,
    anywhere up to 28 gms approx, depending on dose and grind size,
    (the finer the grind, the heavier the dose for the same given volume).
    Like David8 says; don't be confused by 'standards', be guided by what's in the cup.

    And from your description, your double might be a triple........ 8-D

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