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    Coffee book

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    Hi all, I'm after a good book about coffee which contains history, nice pictures, coffee from different regions,roasting, brewing. Basically a book that looks good with good info, that you can just sit there enjoy reading while having a brew.


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    1. "Espresso, Made in Italy, 1901 - 1962" by Enrico Maltoni and Guiseppe Fabris - this is a nice picture book of Maltoni's collection of machines with a small amount of accompanying text for each machine. 159 pages, A4 sized. Good for a coffee table book. I have a reprinted 2nd ed.
    2. "All about Coffee" by William H. Ukers. First published 1922, its 796 pages. This is a detailed book with lots of pictures and it covers everything on history in Holland, England, Germany, France, early arab coffee making etc, growing to distribution, sales, politics, chemistry, roasting and making coffee and technology, relation to the fine arts and coffee manners and culture. I have a 1st edition that Berkelouws sourced for me. Wonderful to read as Ukers is a good writer. It's online at Gutenberg All About Coffee by William H. Ukers - Project Gutenberg - download it complete with images.


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    Cheers Mike thanks for the info, will look into it.


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