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Thread: How long did your first 6910 sunbeam last first edition 2006

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    How long did your first 6910 sunbeam last first edition 2006

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    My sunbeam 6910 has just died, the water pump .Would like to know how long other snobs machines lasted ?
    cheers poddy66

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    Sad to hear about the machine. I had mine for about two years and before that the mother in-law had it for 3. It died last year after a pump failure as well.

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    Mine is still going strong.I use it a couple of times per day.It has exceeded my expectatations.Money well spent I reckon.

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    Mine is going fine, was purchased in 2007 and I'm the second owner. Did a collar two years ago and has been going strong since. Probably used 7 times a week on average.

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    I found one recently in hard waste and after doing some minor repairs I'm about to fork out some hard earned for a new colar around the group head and fingers crossed bob's your aunty!

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