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Thread: Water Filter for Sydney

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    Water Filter for Sydney

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    Making a change from the Expobar Minore II to a shiny new VBM Domobar Super and want to give it the best chance of a long, low maintenance life. Correct water filtration looks like being a good first step.
    Can anyone advise on what works best for Sydney water. Here's a link to a typical analysis

    Thanks in advance.


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    Congrats on the new acquisition.
    I assume you are in Ryde too. I just use an Everpure undersink system.
    I had my Giotto PP descaled just before the warranty expired and there was very little of it.

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    The VBM isn't here yet. I'll have a new machine by next week. I'm leaning towards the VBM Domobar Super with the Rocket Giotto Premium Plus Version 2 running a tantalisingly close second.

    Thanks I'll check out the Everpure. Not in Ryde, but nearby. Here's a link to all of the Sydney Region water typical analysis data, area by area.
    Typical drinking water analysis

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