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Thread: Lintong Coffee Journey....(by google translate)

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    Cool Lintong Coffee Journey....(by google translate)

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    I do not have a very long talk with my friends here...

    I would like to share a little story about a trip a few months ago to the Lintong - north Sumatera

    We all know about the Lintong coffee, but do we know where its position on a map?

    I had mapped the area of production with simple ... (little information....)

    Here is the majority of the Batak people. They live in semi-permanent houses. Their economic activity is gardening, especially coffee, but some also raise buffalo and pigs.

    Batak women are strong women. That's my personal assessment, why?
    Because a lot of the work normally done man they could do well.

    Work such as harvesting and post-harvest processing of coffee done by these women

    What is the condition of their coffee plantations?
    Some are planting coffee at a distance too close, so the plant canopy to be attached, some are very concerned about planting distances.

    Uploaded with

    I shall continue again with coverage of care, harvesting, processing until the coffee trade there as far as private coverage.
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