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Thread: Caffeine variability

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    Caffeine variability

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    I've noticed since buying fresh roasted beans and grinding as needed that the caffeine effects seem a lot smother-less jittery-and this is with double shots-has anyone else noticed this? Why would this be?

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    I have thought the same thing but there are other variables in my case - I started drinking coffee more regularly when I started roasting and I also started enjoying the coffee more often. Possibly a combination of more tolerace from more consumption and better mood from better taste, if I have a good cup in the morning it gives me a buzz not just from the pleasant cup but also from a sense of acheivement. But yes, I haven't had that over caffeinated jitteriness in a long time.

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    Cant say I noticed. That said I do start my morning with a small long macciatto (two double shots), and occasionally an additional espresso. Clearly Im not very caffeine sensitive.
    If you've also changed beans could it be a varietal thing? Robusta reportedly have a higher concentration of caffeine than arabica, so perhaps you have switched from a robusta blend to all arabica?

    That, or it's some kind of placebo effect.

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    Possibly whatever you were previously using was robusta and had a higher caffeine content?

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