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Thread: What time does BeanBay roast?

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    Question What time does BeanBay roast?

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    I know that BeanBay states the next roast date and future roasting dates are listed in the forums.

    To ensure I order the freshest beans what time are they roasted?

    According to BeanBay the last roast date was 4th August. I will just order some beans now so by the weekend they should be good to be used, as they will be around the 7 day mark and good to go.

    My primary concern was maximum freshness. But, since roasting days are so close together I suppose it won't matter...


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    Hi javanotcode,

    When you order beans from BeanBay all the orders are collated into a roast program for the next scheduled roast day.
    For instance; if you order on a Thursday, your beans will be roasted the following Sunday, or next scheduled roast day.
    Your freshly roasted beans are then shipped out the following day.

    As far as what time? .................... personally, I like the first roast after lunch!! ;-D

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    Thanks! That was really helpful!


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